An enduring tradition of excellence

It began rather modestly, more than a century ago, when a small group of college alumni formed the founding charter. Their goal was a simple one – to create an environment in which excellence thrives and develop a place where they, their guests and all future members could draw upon the sustaining values of a common educational experience. Here, at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Monroe Street at the eastern gateway to the city, they established a permanent residence for their shared ideals. Through the generations, this magnificent 12-story structure has provided a stimulating atmosphere where members conduct business, gather socially and expand culturally.

The University Club of Chicago keeps reinventing itself. At the end of 2017 the amazing expansion of the 7th and 8th floor was revealed to the membership and now offers year round casual dining options. To get a feel for the new spaces please enjoy the photos below showcasing the amazing new “Living Room” & “Parliment”

The club also features many societies for members to enjoy and an amazing foundation supporting families with college bound students. Below a video of the Foundation Fundraiser and opening of the new spaces which was very well attended

For more information please visit the University Club of Chicago’s website here