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MetroSquash Mission

Our mission is to engage underserved Chicago youth through academic support, squash and wellness, mentoring, enrichment, and community service to develop high school ready middle schoolers, college ready high schoolers, and career ready adults.

MetroSquash was founded in 2005 as an out-of-school time program for Chicago Public School students. The first MetroSquash class consisted of 10 fifth grade students, with the program operating out of rented space from the University of Chicago. Since the opening of the MetroSquash Academic and Squash Center in 2015, MetroSquash has been able to serve over 400 students in our out-of-school time programming. Our goal is to empower Chicago Public School students by providing academic support, squash and wellness, mentoring, enrichment, and community service opportunities.

On average, students dedicate 10 hours per week to MetroSquash and that time is equally divided between academics and squash. We focus on four main outcomes: 1) increasing academic achievement, 2) improving health and wellness, 3) providing career and life skills training, and 4) engaging families in support of student. To date, MetroSquash has experienced a 100% high school graduation rate, 100% college acceptance rate, 100% college enrollment rate, and 88% of students are on track to graduate college.

The success of our program would not be possible without the support of our volunteers, mentors and community partners. At MetroSquash, our goal is to provide one-on-one tutoring and squash coaching for our students to ensure they are receiving the individualize support they need to succeed. With only 13 full-time staff and over 400 students in the after school, weekend, and summer programs, MetroSquash relies heavily on our responsible, dedicated volunteers to help support day to day programming operations.

The MetroSquash Mentor Program offers a more intensive partnership with a two year minimum mentor commitment to the program. The goal of the Mentor Program is to ensure our students are being supported as they matriculate through college and into their professional careers.

If you are interested in learning more about our program, or looking for ways to get involved, please visit our website at

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