Liz Kutyla Miner Junior Achievement Award

The 2017 Windy City Open, Constellation Brands and Metrosquash are proud to present Michel’le Messenger as the winner of the 2017 Liz Kutyla Miner Junior Achievement Award.

Michel’le has been a student at Metrosquash since 2011 when she started out as 5th grader. She is a senior at Lindblom Math and Science Academy, where she will graduate this spring after being identified as a student of extraordinary academic ability who was fast tracked in to her senior year.

As one of our top high school squash players, Michel’le has regularly represented Metrosquash at tournament around the state and country. Since the summer she has been employed by Metrosquash as a Middle School Squash Instructor, when asked about this she said “I really enjoy working at Metrosquash because it gives me the chance to pass on my squash experience to the younger kids and act as a role model for them, particularly the younger girls. If it wasn’t for Metrosquash I’m not sure if I would be as active as I am now. I am grateful to them for all the academic support as well as the cultural experiences I have had travelling to different states, even Canada!

Michel’le’s ambition is to go to college in the fall and study business administration. She then hopes to go to law school, become a business lawyer and set up her own charity for women. She will put this scholarship towards her college expenses. When asked about the impact Metrosquash has had on Michel’le her father Michael Messenger commented “Metrosquash has become an extension of our family. The organization has been a consistent source of structure, academic support and physical and mental enrichment for Michel’le in a safe environment. She has been exposed to a plethora of diverse people and places and I am elated and proud that Metrosquash has had such an impact on the young woman she has become.”

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